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Would quitting smoking be a big transition or a small transition?


Let me share this story and then I will revisit how this relates to whether quitting smoking is a big transition or small transition.


I thought about this at yoga this morning. I was holding a tree pose and my instructor suggested I close my eyes and lean back. The concept brought so much resistance in my head but, I did it anyways.  I fell out of my pose. 

As I went to gather myself back into a beautiful tree pose, my instructor said this:


"In life, whenever we fall, it is just an opportunity, a step towards achieving what we want. Some people will beat themselves up when they fall. Today, I would like you to smile when you fall and recognize it is not a mistake or a set back. Just a part of the process of your growth towards what you wish to achieve". 


I share this with all of you is ok to fall and get back up again. How else would we grow? 


So, I challenged myself to close my eyes and bend backwards again in this balancing pose and smiled when I fell. I would rather challenge myself to improve than keep my eyes open and relish my perfection in one state.


As promised, I will share how this relates to quitting smoking and transitions. A big transition is a life event like starting a new job, moving, or any other aspect that would completely transform the environment around us, good or bad. A small transition is harder. That is changing a diet, exercising, and or starting a new regime in an already existing environment. 


"No wonder it is so hard to quit smoking!", I thought to myself while holding this pose this morning.


For I have to quit and make this transition in... my life.

That I will have to make this transition in my existing, everyday life.

There is no big transition coming that will force me to make this choice. 

I have to choose to make this choice choice.

That means I have to be prepared for those moments I would smoke and fill that time in my life with...something else.

I have to be willing to fill that space with a small transition, on my own, and on my own terms.

That void will not be filled by another person.

It is a very hard space for all of us to enter.

It is a vulnerable space.

And we are champions for choosing to enter it.


In that sense, this is a small transition that takes one small step: Quit and do not ever look back or go back.


From there, it is a life changing transition that will not happen over night.


That is the difference, my friends, between a big transition and a small transition.

The big one is sudden and not often chosen.

We embrace big transitions with a sense of letting go because they are so big that we have to let go!

The small transitions take choice and, that takes patience with ourselves, our lives, and our hearts.


We must embrace those moments we used to smoke with

A present state of mind (do not beat yourself up, smile),

Self love,

Self compassion,

And the willingness to close our eyes,

Fall down,

And get back up again,

WITHOUT a cigarette to get us through those moments. 


#mindfulness #transitions


Sending love and sunshine.