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Discussion created by George-Martin on Jun 30, 2019
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I quit for over 3 years sometime back  and unfortunately started back however  I just remembered something that helped me back when I did my quit sometime back-maybe helpful to others.  I am starting new again-BTW!


We as smokers mentally brand ourselves as smokers as if we smoked non stop all day long.  


If we consider one cigarette takes about 5 minutes to smoke and I smoke 20 a day( a pack)- that means I am really only smoking 100 minutes a day- which means i really only smoke a fraction of time each day- most of the day really I spend as a non smoker or not smoking.  


I feel like it helped me before to realize most of my day is actually spent not smoking-so that is an interesting thought- even as smokers we get thru all but 100 minutes a day (as a pack a day user smoking) which means i get thru most of my day not smoking!


Hope that makes sense and is helpful


I do realize the addiction is a separate issue-however this realization was helpful knowing i do most things during a day  -even as a smoker -without smoking. In any 12 hour day-(unless you smoke 5 packs a day)- I only spend less than an hour and a half smoking. Its was kind of interesting to realize that even as a smoker I don't smoke the most of the day- just a small fraction of it.


Hope this helps- it does for me.