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When to quit

Question asked by George-Martin on Jun 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2019 by green1611

So I appreciate all the replies I got to first post!

I quit for two days - almost- this last week and broke.  When i started back I could really feel what the nicotine was doing to my nerves even after quitting for that short period- when i started back - I felt more panicky- I got relief at first but quickly I could feel how these cigarettes make me feel sick!


The cigarettes don't calm nerves- they make them worse- I could defintely feel the difference just from stopping for a few days- the cravings just overwhelmed me.


I really want to go for this again soon-  I am a musician and have a pretty busy week coming up- maybe its good to go ahead and start quit ASAP- being busy might be a good thing?- although i set it for a week from tomorrow


Any Thoughts?


Thanks to All