Think twice before picking up another cigarette

Discussion created by angelpar on Jun 25, 2019
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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share my story in hopes that it may help someone.   I smoked a pack a day for awhile as teen and young adult in secret.  I quit for twenty years.  I went back after losing my mother and was extremely stressed over all the changes in my life. I went back to a pack a day immediately.  I quit 5 yrs later.  I did well for 5 yrs until my roommates and I lost our house.  I was extremely stressed and started to smoke again.  This time the amount of cigarettes a day increased slowly.  Life threw as another curve ball after we found housing.  My friend, roommate and adopted sister got lung cancer.  In order to help her fight I quit smoking to encourage her to quit and help her with not smoke.   The stress of taking her to chemo and helping her fight was too much.  I started about 4 months after I quit.  You think seeing her suffer and fight would have scared me from smoking.  It didn't!  She passed away March 2018.  A week after I found out I had renal cancer.  I continued to smoke.  I had part of kidney removed.  I continued to smoke.  The doctor told me that the form of cancer I had like to go to the lungs, I was scared.  I still continued to smoke.  I was stubborn.  Finally everything sunken in my thick skull.  I was lucky to be alive and not needing any cancer treatments.  I saw what smoking did to my friend and roommate.  I had to lose a part of me to stop the madness.  September 29, 2018 is my quit date.  Thing is I knew that they found in studies that smoking does not help with anxiety.  That it actually increases anxiety.  It was a bad coping still.  Did it help me? No!.  I am smoke free for 9 months and cancer free for a year.  I am celebrating life and smoke free life.  

I am hoping that my story may help someone think twice before picking up a cigarette again.  Cancer is real!  It is scare on both sides.  Watching, losing someone and being the person with cancer.  It is not worth it.  I hope we can encourage one another to stay strong and fight this addiction to tobacco.