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~~If they don't know you personally, don't take it personal.~~  Unknown


My name is Sheri and I quit smoking a little over 6 years ago.  I'm not a celebrity, I'm not famous, I'm not brilliant or loud or driven.  I'm just a person who is fascinated by life and delighted by the world.  I'm dramatic and enthusiastic and hopelessly in love with the universe (please see "dramatic" ). 


You may not 'get me'.  That's ok.  Not everyone will.  You may favor Dale's posts.  Wonderful!!!  He's brilliant at what he does   You may get more out of Diane Joy's words or Sootie's stories or Jackie's wit.  It's ok!


Variety.  You get it here.  Funny, touching, wise, poignant.  Witty, heartbreaking, strong.  Whatever it is you need to quit smoking and break that addiction, you'll find somewhere here on this site.


I'm not anyone special.  I had to dig down deep and just quit like  everyone else has to.  Quitting is solely on the quitter.  That's what I see, anyhow.  Someone else may have a better analogy....a more intelligent take on quitting...a different spin on things. Isn't that wonderful?!!! 


So it's ok not to get me.  I won't take it personally.  It's ok to question.  It's ok to not read my posts but savor Marilyn's (I do!!).  It's ok to love Missy and it's ok to understand Thomas. 


I hope you find someone here to follow.  To feel comfortable with.  To smile at.  To ask questions of.  Because support during a quit is such a help, dontcha think?  So find some support by reading a variety of posts    Find some answers, some encouragement, some education.  It's all here and it blends together beautifully.


I, personally, love everyone on this site!!  What's not to love?