Chest Pains

Discussion created by Apilling09 on Jun 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2019 by AnnetteMM

Hi all, I quit smoking almost 11 weeks ago and since then I’ve been having chest pains. They tend to move around to different spots in my chest and sometimes I’ll burp after so I’m sure its just gas as I’ve been having digestive issues also. My doctor is having me do all sorts of tests, I had an EKG Friday which came back normal, I have a lung X Ray tomorrow and I have an echocardiogram scheduled next week as well as an appointment with a GI specialist. Im only concerned now because sometimes the pains are in my heart area which makes me nervous. Even though I am only 30 I still want to make sure I’m healthy, you just never know. I guess my question is has anyone else dealt with chest pains before? I know chest tightness is common but mine are more like sharp pains that come and go. Thanks!