Day Two Done! Day Three Girl Heyyyyyy

Discussion created by mercury87436 on Jun 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2019 by elvan

WOW! Day two was terrible!! I had so much tension, and some serious anger. The new neighbor showed up with her kid, hoping to play, and I just had to be straight and say "not today". I am a people pleaser. I die before I even think of offending someone. But yesterday, that changed. I did not say "not today" offensively, but the neighbor was definitely still offended. And my initial instinct was to back up and ignore my boundaries and take on the extra stress, but then I realized the truth was that it was more important to me to stay quit than to not offend her, and that if she's that easily offended, we probably wouldn't have made very good friends anyway. It's really interesting, I have struggled with fearfulness and extreme anxiety for years and in the past two days my levels have been at ZERO. Made it through day two. A lot of receptors must have died yesterday. Day three come to mama!!