Handling Aggravation

Discussion created by TriGirl on Jun 8, 2019
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My husband watches TV endlessly. It drives me CRAZY!!!! Here I am sailing away onto Day 5 and I get up to enjoy my coffee and breakfast in peace and quiet-- and he's already down here with the programs!!! Our house is teeny, so there is just NOWHERE to go except outside or back to the bedroom if I want quiet. I don't WANT to go back to my room and I haven't tried sitting outside because that was my place to smoke!!!

We've had SO many fights about this. But he is sick with pneumonia right now. (BTW- he is also quitting but he's doing it cold turkey and hasn't logged in here yet. I'm hoping the pneumonia keeps him away from it.) But the doctor told him that some people experience flu-like symptoms when quitting cold turkey. Is that true???

I had prepared for EVERYTHING except handling Aggravation!! I suppose in addition to kicking nicotine, part of quitting NEEDS to be developing better stress responses. I'm gonna need a book on that next. I promise I'm not running out to buy a pack, but I am going to chance the backyard with my coffee and NOT create a scene. He is sick, after all. But, what do you all DO to handle stress and aggravation differently. If I ever have a weak moment, THIS is what I predict will cause it!!!! my coffee is cold.....