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Discussion created by Ralph1955 on Jun 7, 2019
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No news to report but just wanted to touch base and see how everyone is doing? Can you believe it's already June? Time is just racing by.

I've been doing a lot of reflecting on the journey we're on and can't believe next month I will be smoke free for a Year.  What a ride!!!!  Last year at this time I was preparing for my quit (July 14th 2018) and was putting myself in Start Mode.  As my quit date was approaching I prayed that I would be able to find the strength to succeed.  As many of you know there was a lot of anxiety going on with family but because I had all of you in my corner I was able to push past all the stress and the urges.  You are truly an amazing group of friends and I would not be here today, a successful quitter, without you.


Love ya all