Roy Rogers

Discussion created by Pawr on Jun 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2019 by elvan

Did anyone see the news recently about how the estate was closing the Roy Rogers Museum? Unfortunately there weren't enough visitors to support the place. I'll always remember that singing, clean cut Cowboy and his beautiful horse "Trigger". 

I always thought it was interesting that Roy had Trigger stuffed after the horse passed on. Now, as I start day 186 without my own old "nag" , I was thinking about how I would love to stuff my own "Triggers". 

It seems I smoked after a lot of things. I'm still triggered after dinner, after a movie, after sex (not so often anymore, lol and tbh.). So far I'm sticking to the recipe and I don't smoke. But I am honestly wanting and waiting for my Triggers to find a dusty corner of my mind.