For Everyone Who IS New .....And Who Have Been Here ....Do this For 2009

Discussion created by angeleyes on Jan 6, 2009
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I PROMISE: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

To __________________________________________________ (goal)

To reach this goal by ___________________________ (date)

To begin each day thinking of one thing I can do to move closer to my goal.
1) To be my own biggest fan and best friend, rather than my top critic.
2) To take control of my choices, attitude and actions.
3) To remember that I'm on a great adventure with a destination of MY choosing.
4) To celebrate my success and learn from my setbacks.

To reward myself with _________________________________________________________ when I reach my goal.
To do all of the above for this single compelling reason:

Most of all, I promise to enjoy the experience and feel proud
of myself for taking steps to improve my life.

Well this is actually off another site And I thought it would be a good idea to do ! So everyone I would like for you to copy and past the whole thing and tell us what your goal is for 2009 .This way we all can help each other get to that goal what ever it may be ! So I will be the first : Here we go