3+ year quitter picked up a cannabis addiction

Discussion created by notch9 on May 25, 2019
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Hi Everyone,


I am new here and can hardly navigate this site, so I hope I will be able to find this thread again later on to see if there are replies and engage with other people.


I feel like I have gone from one very bad addiction, nicotine, to another much less bad one, but still an addiction. I smoked cigarettes for decades and finally became nicotine free in 2015 and haven't touched a cig since then. Hooray. 


But I did pick up a cannabis addiction. Although it is not very much, less than one joint a day, I am continuously taking in small amounts to run an almost constant buzz.


Quitting nicotine was one of the hardest things I ever did and I'm proud of that accomplishment. I feel ashamed that now I have this other addiction to deal with.