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Well I just wanted to tell everyone here that Im so sorry for messing up ! I no I haven't been here for all of you ! I am not sure if I should keep this group open ! But even if I dont I hope that everyone here keeps trying to loose weight along with staying quit ! No my weight didnt get me smoking again it was money problems ! Sometimes I wish the food demon won instead of the smoking demon ! But I am back on track ! I am gonna fight harder ! So please let me no if you want me to keep this group alive or cut it off ! And if I cut it off everyone on here can send me friend requests and i sure would love to add you as my friend if you are not already ! You can still send them to me if I dont cut this group off ! I need all the help I can get ! And I will promise I will do everything I can to help all of you ! Mabie this is my way of keeping my quit is helping others !