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Hello my fellow ex's.

I have been slipping a lot lately,  I have had 4 cigarettes today and have been for a few days, I am getting very frustrated with myself, I want to quit for my health and the sake of my children, but I have had a lot of stressors lately and cannot seem to break the cycle.

I am in fear of oral/throat cancer as I stopped taking care of my oral health in my late teen years, that's one of the major reasons I want to quit.

Back in 2015 I had 15 teeth removed and have 17 left which are not in the greatest shape, I'm actually going to have the remaining teeth pulled as soon as I can.

My wife is a smoker which makes it a little harder to quit cause I can smell it on her and in our home, I am trying to get her to quit with me as she has had 4 spontaneous pnumo thorax's(partially collapsed lung). I need someone on here to talk to to help me with quitting I am afraid if I dont quit I won't be around for my family.

On top of this I also have anxiety which makes quitting much harder.