Quit day today. Eek!

Discussion created by Alicatsam on May 7, 2019
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Just quit today. Last cigarette 11am. Was smoking about one every hour. Super anxious. I feel more awake than usual, kinda jacked up. Not the kind of energy that leads to getting chores done.

I quit for my dog. Ironically, he is in daycare because I had a job interview, and I don't want to pull him out early from his favorite place. So I have no focus to get me through.

Happy to have found this site.

I have a lifetime of depression and anxiety issues. Had some good counseling and meds. Got puupy, dropped meds. Puppy is far more effective.

I miss my dog very much today. Normally, I'm happy if I know he's happy. Which is why I'm letting him have his nearly weekly visit with his favorite sitter and her dogs.

I'm also concerned about being able to sleep tonight and wondering how bitchy I'm going to be at work tomorrow.