Day 20

Discussion created by Andstillirise on May 2, 2019
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I don’t really have any questions just wanted to say I’m at day 20 ! 

Haven’t gained any weight , went to my dr and had thyroid checked ( I was a bit paranoid ) and it’s fine . I’m briskly walking 5 miles a day ( even in the rain ) , I’m cooking and meal prepping , I’m spending hours a day in the garden , growing vegetables and soaking up the sun . 


Still sad and anxious lots of times during the day but I know it will pass and I know having a sad memory or thought does NOT require a smoke . 


I’ve found for me , having a positive , upbeat attitude has helped me enormously this time . 


I want to thank everyone on this site who has been supportive and encouraging the past 20 days ....


When things are hard , I come on here and read for 30 mins or so and it’s comforting to know I’m not alone in feeling lost and anxious sometimes