Juul... Broke me and my marriage.

Discussion created by tigerm74 on May 2, 2019
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So here I am.  Sitting in my apartment with the honest truth staring me in my face.  I used Juul to stop smoking.  And, I did actually completely stop smoking cigarettes.  But the agitation caused by smoking Juul too much and trying to "hide" from my husband to binge smoke the Juul was a major contributing factor to the end of my marriage.  Of course there were other problems.  I would never deny that we had problems.  But this thing really impacted my ability to think clearly.  I am so sad and sick right now over this stupid problem.  So, I quit yesterday.  I am away from all of the previous triggers.  I was vaping up to two cartridges a day, which is really boggling my mind - since when I was smoking actual cigarettes I was smoking less than a pack a day.  I can't believe that this is my reality right now.  Sad and broken...  But also determined to turn it around.  Anyone else with this issue or a similar story?  I could use the support.  Thanks for the listen. juul