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Discussion created by lqsi12 on Apr 27, 2019
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Great weather out today, went an visited some old spots I like to walk and talk at. Often times I would have my favorite buddy with me, but he passed several years ago.  So now when I need a bit of mind clearing I still head to these places.  Some are woods, others are board walks in swampy areas that are around pitcher plant bogs or rivers, but at most of these I would smoke at.  So today was a test to see how I would do, the craves were not bad at the first one, but the second and third, I had passing thoughts of a cigarillo. So today I enjoyed those spaces even more, without worrying if I had a lighter before l left the car, or If I had my " 2 Pak for .99 " with me.  Nope today I got to take it all in, and not be concerned if I met someone along the way that wanted to carry on a conversation, I would need to put out my cigarillo.  Sure will be ready when it those smoking day craves are a distant memory.  At least it's better than ever.