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Question asked by Mattnfe on Apr 27, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2019 by Jennynotmary

I havent smoked or vaped in a week, I've been trying to occupy my time and my mouth with more coffee, sips of water, some gum ext. Being a former smoker and a recent vaper.. it's hard to find task that doesnt remind you of hitting the vape pen like.. drinking coffee.. listening to music... the little things. I've always been strong minded I felt. I quit cold turkey a week ago and some days.. but the cravings can really play with your head sometimes. 

 Does anyone have any other methods to resolve cravings or make them not so troublings. I will not falter to having a cigarette or hitting a vape pen but would like to make this time a bit easier

 Aswell when do these cravings tend to go away? I quit smoking cigs about 4 years ago and have been vaping ever since. So more or less how long do these cravings  last from vaping.. if anyone has experience in that

 Thank you all.. first time poster