Day 12

Discussion created by Andstillirise on Apr 25, 2019
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Day 12. Now that I’m feeling more comfortable about not gaining weight , reality has set it . I was so focused on gaining weight that as soon as I got on scale and saw I hadn’t gained any weight instead of being happy , I felt blah . 


Im thinking it may be due to I was so focused on that , I didn’t have much time for cravings or missing cigarettes . 


Now i do . While I didn’t typically smoke inside , I did enjoy smoking in the bathtub that is surrounded by two floor to ceilings windows that open and the trees outside block the view inside bathroom . I used to love smoking in the tub . 


Haven’t taken a bath since I quit . Trying to avoid anything that reminds me of smoking . 


My house has never been so clean , my poor dog has been brushed so much he’s getting thin areas on his body . I’ve been meal prepping , exercising , reading , doing yard work , organizing closets , and really trying to stay purposely busy and mindful . 


Fsijure is not an option . It’s past midnight in TX and can’t sleep so I thought I’d write on here . 


Thanks to anyone reading