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Is this normal ?

Question asked by Andstillirise on Apr 26, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2019 by IrishRose

Day 13 and I’m really struggling today . This is the first day I’ve really wanted a cigarette . A whole pack actually . 


I divorced my husband 16 months ago . And for some crazy reason ( pretty sure it’s related to quitting smoking ) I’ve been missing him and thinking about him . 

I made the absolutely right decision to divorce him so it’s not about thinking I made a mistake but I just keep thinking about him. 


Drove down the road with tears just streaming down my face over that fool. Lol . 


Has anoyher else experienced weird emotional issues like this ? 

Prior to quitting I didn’t even think of him nor miss him at all. 


Gah !!! I really want to smoke today and I hate thinking about him