Day 5... it’s hard

Discussion created by vol876 on Apr 21, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2019 by marciem

i don’t want a cigarette at all today. I’ve been using the patch and the past few days have been doable. Today I didn’t want to get out of bed. It’s day 5 and I’m the most agitated and angry I’ve felt so far, and emotional. I don’t know what the hell to do with myself. I can’t get myself to do anything and I can’t distract myself. I was about to go to the movies with someone and I had us turn around and go home. All I can do is lie down, breathe and close my eyes. First I felt like something was wrong with me emotionally because my mind doesn’t want a cigarette at all, the mind is totally on board, but the emotions, angst, and pacing and not knowing where to go and what to do except breathe.


yes I remember last time I tried to quit this happened and I smoked...and it all went away, so I know it’s not me...it’s the withdrawals, which is good information to have. Anyhow, I just have to ride it out. 


Im scared of facing life without a crutch