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Help me !!!

Question asked by Andstillirise on Apr 20, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2019 by mrios5776

Day 7 and I’ve been good all day. Had a few cravings but kept myself distracted . 


Went for an 8 mile hike and now I’m home in tears . 

I met a woman there and we started chatting and I mentioned I was trying to keep myself very busy because I just quit smoking a week ago . 


She said “ I quit 3 years ago and gained 50 lbs “

i just assumed maybe she wasn’t careful but she she said she got hypothyroidism after she quit and that caused the weight . 


She said everyone she knows who quit also has hypothyroidism or some adrenal problem where they gained a ton of weight and feel worse . 


Im totally freaking out . I’ve had to take Xanax and lay down because I was so panic stricken . 


Is this true? 


I know I read a few people on here have the thyroid problem but is it prevalent with almost everyone ? 


I assumed the thyroid meds would adjust the levels and weight would go back to normal . She said the meds are hard the mind and made her foggy , anxious and suicidal . 


She said it’s been so bad on a few of her friends they are back smoking !!!


i need to know about this so I can prepare mentally and get my thyroid checked right away if I feel off or start piling on the weight .


This is not news I wanted to hear , friends . 


Plesee me shes being dramatic