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How do I fill the time where I (used) to vape? Ps... I do it constantly.

Question asked by Ashcoleman on Apr 17, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2019 by virgomama

I just completed 7 successful days of quitting my ecig, but went back to it because it seemed to get worse and worse every day- I thought it would get better? My moods were unreal.

When I quit smoking I had no choice because I found out I was pregnant and my instinct to protect my child was far stronger than any addiction... but why can’t I apply that same logic to myself now?? They need a mom to be around forever (or as long as possible)! Also... what the HELL do you do to stay occupied? Because I vape I literally do it all. the. time. Sitting at my desk, watching tv, driving, you name it. That hand to mouth is way worse than when I had to walk outside every hour for a smoke. Are there any ex vapers that have found helpful solutions for this?