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Milos has 2 favorite words, bye bye and walk. Let’s just say that if you don’t intend on doing one of those things you better spell it out.  So last Sunday evening when I suggested we go for a walk his Happy Dance said it all. We had only just made it down our driveway when I spotted a couple walking 2 extremely large German Shepard’s (Milo is 38 pounds). We were on opposite sides of the road however so didn’t expect any issues. Then we get next to them and the woman loses control and the dog starts to charge at us. Then the man loses control and that dog charges at us. Next thing I know I have 2 huge dogs trying to kill my Milo!!!! I threw my body on top of him while the whole time they are trying to get him. I just formed a human cocoon over him, while they are trying to pull him out from under me. At one point he screamed. One bit me, but I didn’t care cause I was not going to let them kill my baby.....


Finally the owners were able to get them off of us. Milo was bleeding. I was totally shaken up.... and the parents of these dogs never said a word to me. Didn’t apologize, didn’t ask me how we were. Didn’t offer their name, phone number, nothing. I understand that they were probably worried that I would call the police and were concerned for their own kids. I get that, but we were just innocent victims that were trying to take a walk on our own street on a beautiful Sunday evening and now I have a hurt (part of his ear was actually torn off) and traumatized dog and a $270 vet bill. I would not have called the police as a dog lover, I place the blame on the humans..... you have no business walking dogs that you are not physically able to control. Both I and Milo could have been killed! 


But out guess what... I didn’t smoke.