Day 3 of my quit.

Discussion created by bjh_68 on Apr 12, 2019
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Update on me,  I am now learning that when I have a headache, I can do other things besides smoke. I think withdraws maybe making them worse perhaps, but I am sure this is a passing thing. I been turning out the light and using my headache hat and sometimes I even take a nap. The first day of my quit, some workers that were putting together my swing and one of them was a smoker, but I never ask him for one. I never said anything. The first day was kind of hard, but yesterday seemed worse then the first day really.I seem to be doing something and suddenly think of a cigarette, then remember "Oh, I quit', I have even thought I was reaching for one, but there is none to reach for,..I know this will pass don't last long, I am getting severe headaches....besides battling with withdraws I have been having vertigo again. I see my Neuro Surgeon the 26th so I am sure he will be happy to know I have quit smoking....I am learning or trying to learn to do the same things I always did only without a cigarette. If I have to have surgery, I may be off line for a short while.