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Hi everyone.  I haven’t posted in a long time.  I have been checking in tho.  I dropped to the 7mg patch in February and it has not been going well, even with the back up lozenges.  Coincidentally many emotional and other physical issues have come up too.  This has resulted in withdrawl as it’s all I think about.  I don’t really need any advice, but I sure need to just get out my frustration.  I’ve read so much about nicotine and withdrawl I could scream.  So much conflicting info out there when I question something I am feeling.  The very worst of this is being alone in real life.   2nd is the clockwork of symptoms so I know when bad times will hit, regarding smoking and the other issues.  It’s complicated too. That the list of too little and too much nicotine look about the same.   That I can do very little physically to distract or want to is depressing.  I’m discouraged also as I really don’t feel any benefits like everyone talks about.  4 months into this and I feel worse than I ever have.  It’s not just the quit, it’s the tangle of so many huge issues and losing steam to unravel them.  All I want to do is sleep.  Escape.  My whole world is medically centered and in sleep I am free!