Long Term Quitters

Discussion created by anaussiemom on Apr 12, 2019
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I Think it would be really helpful and beneficial, for the Elders here to change up their bios.

Many of us struggling to quit, would feel perhaps more hopeful, if we seen your cigarette amount, and how long you smoked.    It is hard to find all that information in blogs @ times..

The constant Elders that are here day after day, reaching out to so many, much applause and appreciation for that.  Truly!

By adding amount, and how long" you smoked,  will give many here much hope.  
Going thru so many blogs to find that, is sometimes timely. Some do not have that much time, due, to responsibilities in other aspects of their lives.
It is something I seek. I cannot be the only one?

Thank you for reading this.

Happy Friday