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Why aren't I coughing after quitting?

Question asked by tyke1980 on Apr 11, 2019
Latest reply on May 2, 2019 by tyke1980

Hey everyone.  I am 25 days nicotine/smoke free today which I'm very proud of.  Came close to giving in many times but somehow pulled through.  Anyways, I've attempted seriously quitting 2-3 times prior and within a day or two, I would develop an awful cough where I would cough up gobs of icky phlegm and spit it out.  I only quit for a couple weeks at those attempts but EVERY time without fail, got this awful cough and phlegm.  I knew it was a good sign that my lungs were healing and cleaning out gunk. 


However, this time, NO COUGH.  This concerns me as I don't feel like my lungs are getting healthy and cleaning out.  It's almost defeating in my mind because I actually looked forward to seeing all the crap come out of my lungs as odd as that may sound but it's almost encouraging to know and SEE that this is what was in your lungs and gave me motivation to keep going.  


Should I be worried that I"m NOT coughing anything up this time?  Are my lungs still healing or what's the reason behind this?  It concerns me because it's not the same as the other "quits" and is discouraging.  I see my lung doctor in 2 weeks for a breathing test which always was good but am going to ask these questions there too.  


It almost makes me think I could go back to smoking if I"m not seeing any benefits.  I do feel some when exercising but lately I've been out of breath a lot doing only the lightest of activity and that makes me feel defeated too.  I'm not planning on picking up a cig, just those feelings that get in the way.  


Any advice or experiences you can share with me?  Is this normal?   Thanks and much love to all of you!