Discussion created by Giulia Champion on Apr 3, 2019
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Not wanting to fly away from all those wonderful people who were here before.  

So many names I remember fondly who are no longer active on this site.

So many who touched my heart whom I miss.

Interesting to see the names.

Sad to see the names.

Too many in my inbox.

And so I must mark all as "read."


And until the migration is over

I have to keep marking everything 

as "read"

Which means

I'm missing all sorts of 

current @mentions and comments.

Shall I say I'll be glad

when the migration is over

and the birds have settled.


But gee I miss those who have fluttered on.  They touched an expanded my life in so many beautiful ways.


Here's the the flock that left!  Hope they come back some day.