No Man's Land & Inbetweener Check In

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Yes.  I know it has been a while.  I stopped posting weekly as interest seemed to fade.  I figured I would try to gauge interest and post a check in.


We used to do this discussion every Monday to offer encouragement and camaraderie to those in No Man’s Land -- months 2-3-4 of a quit and to those who have not yet made it to the 6% club (In-betweeners). Regardless of how long you’ve been quit, anyone who likes the conversation and wants to offer support is welcome to participate!


This week’s topic: Are you in No Man’s Land?

Are you about a month into your quit? Are you feeling a little down, a little lost? Don’t fret – you’re entering No Man’s Land, the 100 days that start at the end of your first month.

The first month of a quit is emotional and exhausting; you’re living in the moment and focusing all of your energy on your brand new quit. Around the one-month mark, things start to change, and you spend the next 100 days or so in a place called “No Man’s Land.”

In No Man’s Land, you’ve come a long way, but still have a long way to go.
 The routine cravings are gone but the surprise cravings can really catch you off guard. Your family and friends think you should be “over it” while you still feel quite fragile sometimes. Your relationships with smoking friends/family may be feeling strained. Your inner junkie is still around, still whispering to you, and the temptation to give in can be overwhelming at times.

But here’s the good news
. In these same 100 days, for most people, your circulation has improved substantially, walking has become easier, and your overall lung function has increased noticeably. Sinus congestion, fatigue, and shortness of breath have decreased. Your body's overall energy has increased. The roller coaster is smoothing out, and you are feeling calmer and stronger overall. Good things are happening! 



If you're in NML right now, give a shout!  Reach out and find each other! 


Click here to read Dale’s helpful blog about No Man’s Land No Mans Land Days 30 to 130 (approximate)


Click here to read what to expect in the first four months:  What to Expect in the First 4 Months


Checking in here will help you get through NML and on your way to the first year where you can celebrate being in the 6% Club and graduate to eventually become an Elder!


Please let me know if you are interested in posting the NML Weekly Check In.  I am happy to continue it, share it, or pass it to the nEXt EXer in NML who is ready, willing, and able.