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Discussion created by DonnaMarie on Mar 26, 2019
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I saw my surgeon today and was told to use the lower part of my arm all I like, but not to lift the upper part or pick up/carry stuff, so I'm now typing with two hands! I set up a keyboard with the laptop for comfort, and it is so nice not to have to type with one finger anymore.


I start PT in 3 weeks and go for one more follow up in 4 weeks. The sling will go away in 3 weeks.


And though this is not smoking or surgery related, I got a call I've been waiting for today. Most of you know I do volunteer work for the local police department doing public events, Child ID events, helping out with classes, etc. I did some fill-in work with the local corrections agency (probation office) last winter and loved it. They are under the auspices of the police department here. I put in for a "permanent" position there that would be about 2 hours a week on a regular basis. There are so many layers of administration to go through to get anything done in the police department, but today, I was asked to take the open position. I'm very excited about it. When I did fill-in work for them, I so enjoyed the people and having to get up and get dressed once in a while. LOL I accepted. I start this week, sling and all.


Both of these forays into normalcy help with my quit. Boredom and anxiousness are the enemies of my smobriety, but I will remain clean. I never smoked at the probation office and never smoked when I went to physical therapy, so those are not danger areas at all. 



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