Quitting the JUUL: Caving in to The Crave

Discussion created by bpens1 on Mar 19, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2019 by maryfreecig

HI all! I started smoking the Juul almost a year and a half ago. I bought one for my boyfriend at the time because he had a terrible smokers cough and as a result of being around it all the time, I got addicted to it. Even having never smoked a cigarette before! My goal for this year was to be completely over the Juul, but I’ve already tried four times with no success. One time I went a week and a half without, but when I got back home from school (where the shop is with the cheapest pods) I caved and bought two packs. For me, it never seems like the right time. I’m in school, so I’m already stressed about schoolwork and to add being stressed about not having nicotine on top of that... just not a good combination. A couple weeks ago, I tried to quit by buying strawberry pods made by Eon Smoke (they are cheaper). I knew I liked the strawberry, just not as much as I liked the mint flavor, (which is part of the addiction for me). So I figured I’d be done after finishing the strawberry pods. Nope. I “just wanted my last taste of it to be mint.” Bought two more packs. I’m about done with the first pack (I go through almost one pod a day) and I NEED to be done after this second pack. I know I can quit, it’s just been proving more difficult than I thought. Any advice would be wonderful. Thank you