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  I was hoping to come here with good news, positive news but sadly I come here feeling defeated and lost.  While my mom recovered from the blood clots in her lungs and is doing well, my dad is now in the hospital.  Dad suffers from dementia and because of this stopped taking his heart, diabetes and blood pressure meds and the meds we thought he was taking he hid in the couch cushions.  Last Friday afternoon he laid down and he never left the bed all day and on Saturday afternoon fell when he tried to get up and hit his forehead on the floor.  We called 911 and he was rushed to emergency.

  Tests showed that he has a major UTI and failing kidneys.  He could not talk and became highly aggressive and incoherent when he did speak.  His weight dropped to below 130 pounds where normally he weighed in the 140's.  To calm him they sedated him and he slept from Saturday to this morning.  Friday morning he was alert and did laundry and within hours was out of it.

  I feel like I'm constantly being pulled in all directions and he stress and sadness is overwhelming.  Still, I did not give in and ignored that huge urge to smoke.  How I didn't cave I don't know but I'm drawing from all the positive feedback from all of my friends here who have been on this journey with me. God bless you all.

  This afternoon dad is going to a nursing home because mom can't take care of him and the aide isn't there at night.  Moms fear is dad will die at home and none of us want that.  We don't know how much time is left for him and his constant  wish to die isn't helping his recovery

 Again, thank you for allowing me to vent my heart.