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Please if you can help me quit smoking

Question asked by stevewm72 on Mar 18, 2019
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i am 46 years old have been smoking a pack a day since i was a teenager and i have had high blood pressure for 20 years and in 2009 was diagnosed with avascular necrosis and had to have my right hip replaced and in 2011 had to have left hip replaced and the right hip that was replaced in 2009 turned out to be the metal on metal that got recalled so in 2013 had to have right hip replaced again and in 2016 had triple hernia surgery and the dr damaged a nerve in my left groin area so i am unable to work, they implanted a spine simulator in 2017 to help with the nerve pain and just recently last couple weeks have been having chest pain and last friday march 15 i went to dr and they sent me to the ER where they did couple EKG's and sent me home with nitroglycerin tablets and i have to follow up with cardiologist this coming thursday and i know i have to quit smoking and my question is will quitting put additional stress on my heart i know i have a partially blocked artery i believe its the one going to my left arm and i wanna quit smoking but i am worried it could cause additional stress on my heart i also suffer from depression and anxiety from not being able to work so for the last 3 years i have got what i guess you could call a routine i wake up and get coffee and sit in my garage and smoke and drink coffee sometimes i will sit in garage all day i have a tv and i watch music videos or just listen to music and the biggest problem with quitting smoking is how do i get out of that routine with my nerve pain i cant just put shoes on and go for a walk some days its rough to even get the mail so if anyone has any ideas that can help me out i would greatly appreciate it i have 2 adult daughters and a beautiful 16 month old granddaughter that i would like to see grow up. I am on a bunch of medications for blood pressure, cholesterol, depression, anxiety, muscle relaxers,and meds to help me sleep. I already have nicotine patches to quit i am just worried that i may put more stress on my issues i already have thank you in advance for any help you can give me and i am sorry this is so long i just figured it may be easier if you know what i am dealing with health wise