Quitting my Juul proving harder than quitting cigarettes

Discussion created by altusadmin on Mar 18, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2019 by kyliecharles

Hi all,

I'm here because I'm trying to give up my Juul habit. I am a former smoker, had been blessedly quit for years, but used a Juul on a lark and it is proving more difficult than my final smoking quit 7 years ago. I realize that many on these threads may use Juul as nicotine-replacement, which I support (it's certainly better than smoking). But my goal is simply to get off nicotine again, for health reasons (no idea what my near-constant Juul inhalation will do someday) and cost (money could be so much better spent). 


Just wondering if anyone here is trying to give up Juul / vaping habit and finding it as wildly difficult as I am. 


Thanks all.