Janruary 5th is my birthday, I want to celebrate it by being an ex-smoker

Discussion created by wyndee-walker on Sep 29, 2009
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I will be 32 years old, my friend's father is dying of emphysemia right now and can barely get around even with oxygen. I keep imagining how I would feel to be his age with his condition--he has quit smoking but it is too late his emphyusemia will progress to the point where he will slowly suffucate to death. I don't want that to be me in another few years, I already have COPD. I also have a daughter who will be turning 3 and I want to celebrate this milestone by being smoke free, and being able to give her lots of time and attention that I would normally spend sucking on a cigarette. My parents are both ex-smokers. My father is disgusted with my addiction and my mother is kind of co-dependent on me with it. She has bought them for me in the past and I have bullied her to the point of exhaustion about it. I am ashamed of myself when I smoke. Anyway I want to learn as much as possible and join as many groups to become an ex-smoker and never take another puff.