Intro and Why now.  ON QUIT Day +5 

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I am 5 days into COLD turkey quit from a 24 - 30mg VAPE daily habit. 
Aside from the obvious dependence on nicotine. Vaping was a stealth measure, to an addiction that for all intent and purpose is intent on killing me.


I had been off cigs from 1990 to 2002 when a divorce grace my life, then it started up. 1st with cigars, chew and then vape (because I didn't want to pick up cigs,) Today 16 yrs later with a 4 yr vape habit, to the point i had lost weight from 280 to 200. My stealth habits became noticeable when I was getting nauseous, just trying to eat food was the problem.


Over the weekend, I took a long one,

I took sick with what I will describe as flu, along with appetite suppressant  effects of vaping taking me to the point of anorexic insanity, the lies,  the hiding, has taken a psychology toll on me as well.   I KNOW that any amount of nicotine for me is DEADLY.

No offense to the NRT crowd, ANY substance that contains nicotine will not help your quit.


I am praying daily,


Quit Cigs - 1990

Divorce 2002

   Started Chew
2012 quit chew.
2014 Started Vape.
March 8 2019 QUIT NIC

Been a rough few day,  the skin crawling cravings have lessened and the cravings have as well So when people Say it get's better it truly DOES.. FOR THOSE Struggling I get it. SO to many others here, I am sure.

My appetite is slowing restoring. as it my brain function. 

I get the idea of "wanting to "wean" off. Never worked.

I WILL  live what is rest of my life without this crap killing me,. I came here to vent, because I needed to get this crap out as well. The HEAD games we play with ourselves and our family is the worst.

R - Name withheld