Going back to smoking places

Discussion created by DonnaMarie on Mar 10, 2019
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I used to smoke on the front porch, every single morning, while drinking coffee and doing puzzles. Since I quit, we have cleaned the front porch from end to end, I've washed the cover that goes on the glider, and we've had the screens replaced. The last part was done about 4 weeks ago. But for 84 days, I have not sat on the front porch with the dog to watch the world go by ..... until today.


It's about 68° outside and I wanted to sit on my damned porch with my dog. And so, I did. Mini urges came and went, and after about 5 minutes of communing with the dog, I came inside. But you know what? I survived and didn't really want to smoke. It was more like I was reminded that I used to smoke there. But it's not the same. No ashtray, no ashy mess on my side table, and no cigarette trash everywhere. 


I can't wait till I can sit out there for 10 minutes and beyond.


Another forward step taken.



Day 84