Noticing something about NML

Discussion created by DonnaMarie on Mar 8, 2019
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It seems that No Man's Land is filled with existential thoughts and profound considerations and revelations for me. Is it that way for all of us? 


I do spend a bit of time thinking about my quit and how grateful I am to my grit and determination that has gotten me this far, and as Mandolinrain mentioned in her post, and looking forward to tomorrows, whether they be extra ones or not.


I delve deep into my mind from time to time about the importance of quitting smoking and it's not all about health. It's a true life changing event that touches everything I do, everywhere I go, and everyone I see. I am no longer a smoker and my life has been adjusted to accommodate that reality. And now, while in NML, the tickle in my throat is gone, the quitter's cough is gone, and deep breaths are deeper. 


My hope is that others make it to NML and commiserate with themselves about the changes they've made. I'm looking to triple digits and then my comma. 


How are other people's NML experiences going? 



Day 82