Simply put....I need help!

Discussion created by jersey-girl on Aug 4, 2008
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I quit with a NJ Quit website and Nicorette on Thursday 7/31. On Saturday I was stressed out and saw my Mom. I begged her for a cigarette and smoked it. I was in tears and frustrated and went online for additional support. I found EX and joined immediately. I went all day Sunday without a cig and was glued to the computer logged in to EX. I really think that this site and it's memebers can help me a great deal. BUT...this morning I realized I was out of Nicorette and put my daughter & myself in the car and went out to buy a pack (of which I have smoked 3 in 4 hours).UGHHH! Here's the HELP part: Should I start smoking again just to follow the steps of EX or just get back on the horse and throw the pack away? Am I making excuses to go back to smoking if only for a little while? I know I sound like a crybaby, but I really am so disappointed in myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated!