NEED to start today but how

Discussion created by ozzymom on Mar 2, 2019
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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this forum but certainly not new to trying to quit.  I've been a smoker for almost 40 years and tried to quit more times than I can count.  In fact I actually did quit real cigs about 2 years ago but did it with the help of an e cig & now i'm addicted to that.  In fact, i really think i love the e cig cause i can use it anywhere...which i do.  i vape in the car, my house & even in my office at work.  In fact i vape all day long every day!  Now i'm going to be starting a new job in a month where i can't vape in the office.  My junkie brain is telling me that i need the vape in order to learn & concentrate & that without it, i'll get that foggy feeling i always get when i try to quit & as a result, i'll screw up at my new job.  Talk about pressure!!!!  So i figured i have a month in which to get quit vaping.....or at least get past that foggy brain, can't concentrate part of the quit before i start my new job.

Now i realize this is not the best situation in which to start a quit but the more i think about, the more i realize how badly i'm addicted to this damn vape stick & that if i  was ever going to have a good reason to give it up, this would be it.  Not that the new  job is reason enough....I do want to quit but this will be a motivating factor.

Now the question becomes how.  I've got the patches, gum, plenty of water & day filled with the prospect of working on my taxes to keep me busy but will NRT just prolong my agony?  I'm thinking i should just go cold turkey but when i wore a step one patch the other day, life wasn't so bad.  I made it all day at work without vaping but crashed when i got in the car.  I just want to be past this "can't concentrate...funny feeling in my mouth" phase which makes me focus so much on vaping.  I know once i get past that part I can make it past the "habit" part of the addiction.

Sorry to be babbling but it has been about 10 hours since i've had any nicotine so i guess that "foggy" part has already started.

Any advice or encouragement y'all can offer would be much appreciated