The Stress Demon won't Win

Discussion created by Ralph1955 on Feb 27, 2019
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  When I say the last two months have been difficult and stressful it's more than that.  The decline of my parents health weighs so heavy on my shoulders.  Dad is in stage 4 dementia and mom never bounced back from a bout with blood clots in her lungs.  Watching them is like watching an ice cube melting away.  Dad is in his own world and at the point where my sister and I cannot reason with him.  He's combative and extremely difficult to deal with and we have to keep our anger under control because this isn't him it's the dementia.  Mom sits around and says she's ready to die and never smiles or laughs any longer.  Our hearts are breaking.

 I went to the doctor for a check up and he was a bit shocked that my blood pressure, which has always been 125/65 is now 175/95 and I may have to go on meds.  My nerves have caused break outs on my arms which look similar to ringworm but it's not; it's a condition that is brought on by nerves.  I'm still working full time and running my business, and in between that tending to my parents.  Now I know what the meaning of the statement, "Stop the world I want to get off" means.  We're tired.

  Thanks for letting me vent and Yes, I'm still a Non Smoker even with all this going on.

Thanks Friends