Emotions and rollercoaster

Discussion created by Animals12 on Feb 24, 2019
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I am and have always been really emotional person. And crying is something i have always done at least once a week. But after my mental collapse last year I have been flooded with uncontrollable crying . Every morning I wake up feeling horrible. I have anxiety and horrible thoughts run through my head and terrible feelings threw my entire body. I am not sure how to stop this cycle. And it's when I'm most vulnerable to smoke. Thank goodness we have zero cigs in the house and have had zero for 5 days. Or I'm afraid I probably would've lit up. Sad to say. I hope that I get my anxiety needs so maybe just maybe I can get some sleep and knock this habit of freaking out in the mornings because it really effects my entire day. It's day one of my official quitting day but I have been smoke free for 4 days.  Good vibes and any good advice or just can relate? Thank you support team.