Ready for my guests

Discussion created by DonnaMarie on Feb 23, 2019
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  1. House tidied? Check.
  2. Ham biscuits put together? Check.
  3. Water put in the refrigerator? Check.
  4. Beer chilled (just in case, you know)? Check.
  5. Deck of cards and dice on the table? Check.
  6. Table pulled out and leaf put in? Check.
  7. Playlist made for Spotify? Check.
  8. Bluetooth speaker charged up? Check.
  9. Nap taken? Check.
  10. Party favor basket ready? Check.

And here it is:


Everyone can take one or two rocks home with them. Of course, we have real M&Ms to snack on. 


I forgot how long it's been since I entertained. I used to do this a lot. A few people have backed out, but that just means we DO have enough deviled eggs to go around. Whew. The weather is gross and the driveway is full of mud, but it's gonna be bright and shiny inside. 


Come on by



Day 69