Getting a head of this journey

Discussion created by Animals12 on Feb 23, 2019
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Hello everyone tomorrow is my planned quitt daybut I have been quitting sinceFeb 5th when I first logged onto this site . I kept practicing and tracked my triggers and Everytime I smoked. I used to smoke in the house too. So since feb 5th I haven't smoked in the house . Since Feb 5th I haven't had one with my coffee or after a meal or just when I want to. I pushed myself everyday and had slip ups about every 2 days. I took the plunge did the hardest part and guess what I haven't smoked a cigerate in 3 days . And before that it was 2 days . So I really have only smoked half a cig all freaking week . My husband is now on board  with  quitting and just as excited. It's day 2 for him. He is using Nico patches. I am not. I have Nico gum but chew maybe one a day. I have extreme anxiety disorder and have fought threw so much I think all that has prepared me for this. Thank you God for always having my back. So everybody tomorrow is my official quitting date but I have 3 days under my belt and gave been practicing all month. We got this!!!