I've told someone I know through a counseling center I go to

Discussion created by wyndee-walker on Sep 29, 2009
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I guess you could say he was my boyfriend. But there are things going on with my baby's father as well so we'll see. I want things to work out between my baby's father and I. He doesn't smoke as much as me but he still smokes. He doesn't want me to smoke I guess because it encourages him to. I told him last night that I quit and had a couple of relapses but I'm more determined than ever to be done with them once and for all. The other man the one who goes to my counseling center is a smoker as well. In fact almost everyone I know is a smoker and it is so much a part of my identity that I feel pathetic and ashamed. My mother has heard it from me a thousand times that I'm quitting and my father things it's great that I quit, he really has gotten on me about it in the past. My mother and father are both ex-smokers and yet have both put out money to buy them for me. But I take responsiblity for my quit. Noone is going to stop me. I guess its best just to tell people if they ask, otherwise just stick with things and never take another puff.