Feeling Sad

Discussion created by sandi8 on Aug 31, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2009 by patricia6
Well i have 169 days in and all of a sudden i don't even care if i relapse or not, well that cant really be true or i wouldn't be writing this would i. I cant get over this sad feelin that has hit me since friday. I'm thinking why not have a cig , but it wont help me feel better just worse . I do want one . i have been using all the things that was got me this far but one thing that did help is not around anymore and never will be again. One minute i am fine the next i am crying . this is driving me crazy, i dont even know what i am sad about
I will be smoke-fee just wanted to get this off my chest i do miss smoking , man i am crazy how can i miss something that will kill me/. Maybe that is it .