Need lots of quit buddies

Discussion created by tiffy on Aug 29, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2008 by zona
I quit on Aug 25th first 2 days really weren't too bad. I had my moments...I won't lie.
Woke up on the 3rd day and I don't know what the hell happened...went and bought a pack of cigarettes. Felt quilty but smoked them anyway...I was mad at myself all day. This morning when I woke up...I gave myself a good old fashioned cussing out for yesterday's blunder and put the patch back on. So here I am back to day one!!! I have quit 2 times before...I know I can do it...I am ready to do it...days 3 and 4 have always been the hardest for me but I always got past them before this time. Ugh!!!!