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Discussion created by delbertjay on Jul 3, 2010
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So there are people who are true social smokers out there.  Rare, but they do exist.  I however am not one of them.. For me to be quit I have to hold true to the NOPE policy.  Sometimes I think there is a part of me that wishes I could be a social smoker and not be addicted.  I think the truth is those people are still addicted but just have the mindset that they are not smokers and only smoke on certain occasions.  Then I realize that I started as a social smoker but once I realized I was addicted I thought well why not smoke all the time to avoid these crappy withdraw symptoms?  I realize at that point I am so much happier being a complete non-smoker and my jealousy for those rare people goes away and I am happy that I am no longer a smoker.

 I have tried to quit on numerous occasions and after a few weeks, days, even hours I would be right back to smoking because of that ONE last cigarette that I thought I could have.  WRONG.. I am not a person that can have JUST ONE every once in a while.  I look at my addiction to nicotine as an alcoholic must look at their addiction to alcohol, how a heroine junkie must think of their addiction to heroine, or anybody addicted to anything for that matter.  It is simply something that if i put in my body, my brain will tell me its good and it needs more of it.  I realized my brain has been tricked and I've changed my way of thinking.  

The moral of this is that the very best way to quit and stay quit is to live by joels policy of what one must do to never smoke again is to NEVER AGAIN TAKE ANOTHER PUFF.. Not One Puff Ever, NOPE.  I have some jealousy to those who can be social smokers but I am so happy to be a NON SMOKER :)